BlackBerry vs. iPhone

I love my BlackBerry. I really do. I love him so much I even gave him a name and made  one or two YouTube videos about him. But I have had some major technical issues with this phone since I purchased it last year.  Bernie, The BlackBerry  developed the bad habit of freezing on me. And when it got stuck it stayed that way for five to ten minutes at a time. That’s far too long for a cell phone to stop working. I have had to visit my wireless provider a total of 4 times over the course of two months to get this problem corrected. It was never corrected, and I ended up getting a replacement phone.

Then there was the bothersome problem of my ear buds going out. I had to buy a new pair for $29.99.   A month or so later, those very expensive ear buds went out AGAIN and I had to get a replacement pair. Can you say “pissed”?

Once I finally got my phone and ear buds in sync everything worked fine for a few months. Shortly thereafter I suffered through the terrible tragedy of Bernie being stolen from me. Oh, the Horror! I was without my baby for a total of two days. (It took that long for a new phone to be sent to me).

With new phone in hand I noticed that I was missing calls. Lo and behold my ringer was not working. So after three days of missing calls I finally get in touch with customer service and spend a total of 1 and a half hours on the phone with sweet little Shelly who got my phone ringing again. And now, just as soon as I think all my problems have been  resolved, Bernie’s apps stopped  working like they should. I haven’t received a twitter update in 8 days. Why isn’t Twitter working on my phone?  So as I sit here typing this post, my sweet little Bernie is struggling to re upload the Twitter app.

I’m so happy that I’m due for an upgrade soon because I think I’m done with BlackBerry. What type of phone do you have? Have you had many technical difficulties with it?

3 thoughts on “BlackBerry vs. iPhone

  1. I am team Blackberry all the way… but lately I have been wondering what it would be like to be on team iPhone. No upgrade soon, so I’ll keep on wondering.

    When you have to replace a phone, it really makes things tough, having to add all the things you had, and make the new phone just like the old, which seems to NEVER happen. And then it happens, you fall out of love.

    Keep us informed of what you get next.

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