My Big Fat Mouth

I opened my big fat mouth in class the other night and felt like a complete idiot. I’m not sure if you guys know I’m in grad school at Georgia State. I’m getting my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Well, I went to class last Thursday night with a terrible attitude. I was sleep deprived, hungry and seriously aggravated. I just didn’t want to be there. I wanted to be at home in bed. But since it was the last scheduled class of the semester, I figured it was in my best interest to make an appearance.

We were discussing some aspect of the role of a public school principal. I wasn’t really paying attention. I was updating my Facebook status and instant messaging with my classmate (who was sitting right beside me). Anyway, my focus was on a million things besides the topic of discussion. But for some reason- I guess I was trying to sound smart or something-I input my two cents at the absolutely wrong time.

My comment was so stupid and asinine that my professor stood up from her seat and glared at me like I was turning into a big ball of slime. She said “No, absolutely not”. Damn. I don’t even remember what I said. It was something about how new teachers have to prove themselves in a school setting. Hell, I didn’t even believe the comment when I was making it. I just wanted to say something to cover up the fact that I was on Facebook.

Well, it certainly backfired and as Dr. Berry read me my rights in front of about 15 classmates, I shriveled up into a ball and exploded into a million pieces. For the remainder of the class, I had to hold back my tears and pretend not to be embarrassed. I was pissed at myself because so often I make dumb ass, unnecessary comments.

Needless to say my lips were sealed over the course of those remaining 2 hours. I made eye contact with no one, logged off of Facebook and started quietly singing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”.

Have you ever had a brain fart and made a stupid comment? How did you handle the situation?

8 thoughts on “My Big Fat Mouth

  1. Woo woo woo

    My problem is, I could be in the middle of talking, have a brain fart and forget what I was talking about. I make a joke about it, shrug my shoulders, and ask my class, “What was I talking about…” and we move on.

    You’re probably being really hard on yourself. Just like you, no one else even remembers what you, or the teacher was talking about.

  2. I’m dying laughing about singing “what a friend we have in Jesus”! At that point, it probably seemed like he was your only friend in that room. Wooooo….I can only imagine. I would have probably done the same thing as you!

  3. Once its out there, not much you can do, as you have probably figured out about me, I’m not one to back peddle, so I usually just fess up, apologize if warranted and move on…
    I don’t usually mince on words, but we all have brain farts, some just more than others…
    Don’t sweat it….
    and for the record, I got busted for being on face book in church!!


  4. My Goodness! I wonder what u said. U must remember so we can have something else to laugh at when we all get together (like we laugh at Ms. Addie). LMBO!

  5. Yikes….so sorry I can’t say I’ve ever done that….but I’ve seen it done before and I busted up laughing….probably not the best response. But it was funny as hell. Just chalk it up as a lesson learned and move on from it.

  6. Have I ever? I feel like I do it all of the time. But I’m learning to really try and focus on what people are saying, talk less and it doesn’t happen as often. I hope that you feel better now that your moment has passed. It’s always the worst feeling right after it happens.

  7. Awwwww… (pats on back)

    I hope you’ll not be afraid to look her in the eye again and say something later!

    I used to go with my mom and dad (who was a pastor at the time) to some early morning prayer group – I mean like being at the church at 5:30 am early. This one morning I was sooooooooooo sleepy but insisted in going and fell asleep when we were supposed to be listening to the voice of Jesus. Well, when I am falling asleep I make a grunting noise and it usually wakes me up, which it did. Man-oh-man I grunted again and mmmmm mmmmm-ed and praised Jesus and said some 1/2 baked thing that didn’t really have to do with what we were praying about.

    They believed me.

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