The Dentist of Doom

I love old movies. One of my favorites is Little Shop of Horrors with Rick Moranis. This movie is crazy. In case you’ve never heard of it, the movie is about a talking, flesh-eating plant that persuades a quiet, nerd-like flower shop worker to kill people. One of the nerd-like worker’s victims is a sadistic dentist played by Steve Martin. This dentist is out of his mind. He likes nothing more that to bring his patients pain and anguish by performing unnecessary treatments on them.

So, as I walked through the doors of my children’s dentist yesterday. All I thought about was Steve Martin and how the dentist was going to hurt my little babies’ mouths. My two oldest are seasoned professionals. They love the dentist and feel no fear when it’s time for their 6 month visits. But my 2-year-old was about to experience his first ever visit and I was very, very worried about him.

We sat in the waiting room and watched Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I  twiddled my thumbs in anticipation of the dental hygienist coming out of the back office and calling my baby’s name. Once we got to the back he had to bite on a little piece of black plastic while she took his x-rays. He got a little antsy but was bribed with a spider man sticker so he calmed down quickly. And then it happened. The dental hygienist who was going to clean my son’s teeth tried to lay him on the examination table but my baby boy was having none of it. He screamed, shouted, kicked his legs, and yelled for “MOMMY!!!!!!!!!”

What could I do? I felt a mixture of extreme embarrassment, outright sympathy and a little frustration at my son’s behavior. But the hygienist was a seasoned pro and told my boy to count every tooth that he cleaned. And count my boy did. One, Two, Three, Four…..Yes, my baby is a smart one. He can count all the way to 20 AND knows all of his colors. So, for the next 10 minutes, my boy counted to 20 over and over again as the hygienist cleaned his teeth. My baby is a superstar and I was proud.

So, his first dentist appointment was completed and his teeth are perfect. I wish I could say the same for my other two. My girl had to get two teeth pulled because they were growing crooked. And my boy has a cavity in which they have to put a crown on and fill next month. Thank God for health insurance!

My girl, getting her teeth worked on

My boy, showing off his pearly whites


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