A Defining Moment

  High school is such a defining moment in people’s lives. Those memories can leave us with positive, happy emotions or  negative, painful scars.  My high school career, even thought I was a cheerleader and  pageant girl, turned out to be a lonely existence…one met with feelings of isolation and insecurity.

I’ve carried those emotions long past the end of my high school days. And it’s only now that I’m moving into a place of security, confidence and acceptance.  I finally feel like I really belong. I’m a blogger, dammit. And I have friends.

The Blogalicious Conference, just as I knew it would be, was an amazing experience.  My 5 days in Miami were phenomenal and I’m so thankful to the MamaLaw ladies for their dedication and determination to this year’s conference.  

Blogalicious Weekend was way to much fun and fabulousness to wrap up in one post, so check out my YouTube channel for a summary of the events.  But with all the festivities of Blogalicious there was one defining moment that has forever changed my life.  The incomparable Broke Socialite spoke words to me that I can’t forget.  She told me things that were simply shocking and delightful. In a few brief moments, Broke Socialite sent my spirit soaring to new heights and I am so thankful to her and Christie Crowder for showering me with love.

And to top it all off, the moment was captured! Unbeknownst to Professor Diva Mac, she was taking a photo of us at that very moment. I had no idea until I was tagged in the photo on Facebook. So, thanks so much to The Broke Socialite, The Blogrollers, and Professor Diva Mac. You guys were the cherries on top of my Blogalicious Weekend.

11 thoughts on “A Defining Moment

  1. What makes you such a good blogger, is your emotion comes through, and we feel you. Many people can writie a blog, but how many can make their readers feel the good, bad and indefferent.

    I know, being a blogger with truly something to say is AWESOME, right?

    And more than they know, The Broke Socialite, Christie, Wifey, and the Mama Law Ladies, along with Jennifer James are my inspiration, and don’t even know it. These ladies ROCK!

    Keep doing what you do girl, and one day, WE WILL MEET Damn-it!

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