Movie Madness, Pt. 4

I used to consider myself Mrs. Incredible. But now I’ve realized that I am very much like Nanny McPhee. Frazzled hair, large black cloak and bucked tooth aside, I have powers just like her. Tonight, I was so enthralled with Blog Talk Radio’s new show Gasp.Swoon.Faint. hosted by the fabulous , The Broke Socialite, that I allowed my monkeys to transform the neat and tidy family room into a pigsty with balls, toys, musical instruments, blankets and other debris strewn across the floor. When Gasp.Swoon.Faint. ended, I was brought back to reality as I heard the garage door lifting. Mr. Incredible is home! Quickly, I took out my magical cane and tapped it on the floor two times, just as Nanny McPhee does in the movie. My monkeys began to move in fast forward motion cleaning up the hurricane they created. And then as Mr. Incredible turns the door knob, all becomes peaceful in the Incredible household. I stand at the kitchen stove as if I have been hard at work. And the children sit quietly, pretending to read books, being careful not to move as the pile of toys they are sitting on is discovered. Yes, I am Incredible. Yes, I am Nanny McPhee. I am the Incredible Nanny McPhee!

4 thoughts on “Movie Madness, Pt. 4

  1. Haha! It's amazing that you can be two heroes at the same time. If I were a hero, I'd definitelty be Mrs. Incredible's daughter, Violet. She's so like me! ♥

  2. I love this post! It's funny to read and hear what super heros others consider themselves. I've always said I'm Wonder Woman. Not Super, just a Wonder.

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