Jack Jack vs. Monkey’s shoulder

Now this is how the sweater is supposed to fit! My little monkey looks very much like Winnie the Pooh in this picture, don’t you think? But don’t let the fat cheeks and beautiful smile fool you. Baby Jack Jack is a deadly weapon…at least his teeth are! He uses his superpowers against us!

Just this morning I put Jack Jack in time out (really I spanked his behind) because he took a huge bite out of his brother’s shoulder. Collin screamed in pain while Jack Jack’s teeth sunk deeper and deeper. We couldn’t get him loose! He held on with his teeth for dear life because he knew that when he let go, I was gonna let him have it..and boy did I. (Here is where I edit the part about the massive spanking Jack Jack got because you’re not supposed to spank your children, especially when they haven’t had their first birthday yet, right?…right.) So, let’s just say that I put baby Jack Jack in time out for 5 minutes while Mr. Incredible consoled my 5 year old.

Collin was fine once his attention was diverted by an orange dinosaur with green eyes…oh, you haven’t heard. Dinosaur Train was on today! It’s the fabulous TV show that I wrote about here:


Be sure to tune into GPB September 13 for a full week of fun starting with the official launch of Dinosaur Train at 9:00 am. Log on to www.gpb.org/dinosaur-week for more information.

One thought on “Jack Jack vs. Monkey’s shoulder

  1. Okay! I am confused. Did you birth a shape-shifter. "Jack Jack" looks just like Jack Jack from The Incredibles (yeah I remember the wet hair picture) and exactly like Winnie The Pooh in that light blue sweater. Krystal, is there something you would like to tell the class! Hmmmm!? lol!

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