Obsession Confession

I took a personality profile a few months ago and it didn’t really give me any new revelations about myself. It said that I thrive in social enviornments- I knew that. It said I need positive feedback- I knew that. It said that I am driven by other people’s opinions of myself- I definately new that.

One thing the profile left out was that I have an obsessive personality. When I have something to be done, I won’t rest until the task is completed. While this is normal for some people, I often take it to the extreme. When it was time to purchase the monkey’s school uniforms we drove from Decatur to Norcross, to Lawrenceville in search of the outfits. It was the end of July, 95 degrees outside in the middle of the afternoon and my little monkey’s had only eaten breakfast that day. But I HAD to get the uniforms. I just HAD to. I eventually fed them, but only after we had visited 3 Georgia cities, stood in numerous lines and got all of the needed clothes.

There are other things I’m obsessed with, like reality TV. I am totally in love with The Real Housewives. I love the OC girls, the New Jersey girls, the New York girls and especially the Atlanta ladies. Can I tell you how devastated I was to learn that NeNe Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta was coming to the Border’s Bookstore right by my house and I wasn’t gonna be able to go? Devastation to the Nth degree!

I”m also obsessed with Hawthorne. Jada Pinkett Smith is my new best friend. She’s like 50 lbs, but boy can she run that hospital. And speaking of devastation…how devastated was I when I realized that the season has ended and I have to wait months for a new episode of Hawthorne? Hopefully they bring Michael Ealy’s character back.

But my obsession goes far beyond television. My most shameful obsession, one that I really need to see a therapist for is…….MY HAIR. Oh how I love my hair, long or short, straight or curly. I love my hair. I could write a song about it…wanna hear it, here it goes… (in the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb)
Krystal really loves her hair, loves her hair, loves her hair
Krystal really loves her hair, she’ll wash it every night!

My hair obsession stems from the fact that I had a jheri curl for like…… 10 years. All my high school classmates can atest to this. I think I was the last person in South Carolina to wear a jheri curl. How greasy, how awful! I can’t believe that I actually used to sleep with a plastic bag on my head. Whose bright idea was that? I think the inventor of the jheri curl needs to be set out in front of a firing squad. I digress…..

Now that I’m free of the Jheri Curl, I have turned myself into a self educated hair dresser. I know everything about relaxers, blow dryers, curling irons, shampoos, and clippers. Oh yes, I even cut my own hair. And it is quite fabulous I must say. Admittedly, this obsession is quite expensive and time consuming. I practically live on the hair aisle of Target. And the inside of my bathroom cabinets look more like a shelf in a beauty supply store.

We keep a strict bedtime for the kids because the faster they get to bed, the faster I can wash my hair and sit under the dryer. Sitting under my dryer is like going to the spa for me. It’s only under there that I can relax, block out the world, read the Bible, grade papers, write my book, or just sleep. Yes, I can sleep sitting up with hot air blowing in my face!

But now, I have a new obsession. My I-Mac computer. I love my I-Mac. His name is Francis, named after my dad! Francis is so wonderful. I want to give it a big hug. The picture that’s posted here was taken with my I-Mac. I’ve only had this computer for 6 months and the hard drive is already totally filled with photos I’ve taken- of myself. This computer is great. Sometimes I just look at it and rub my hands across the keyboard. Oh Francis, I love you!

3 thoughts on “Obsession Confession

  1. I remember the Jheri Curl. I am so sorry that you had to go through that. i was the only one who escaped it. U were still beautiful.

  2. LOL!! Krystal, this post totally cracked me up:-) Thank you for the laughs! I don't get to watch much television but I will make it a point to catch next season of Hawthrone. I just love me some Jada and I grew up on a street named Hawthrone in Brooklyn.
    I am looking forward to getting my Mac, and I think I'll give it a name as well…LOL!!

  3. Krys, you are silly! Oh man! lol! I cannot believe that I was hooked to this post reading every word about stuff that is totally unrelated to me (kids, The Real Housewives, hair dressers/salons [ok maybe the clippers part resonates with me a little]).

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word. If I can expect more of this personality in your book, I'm buyin' it! Even if it's a girly book, I'll buy it and have my sister read it to me (gotta maintain the MAN CODE). Keep writing Mrs. "Jehri Curl"! lol!

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